wat wil je anders zien aan dit forum?

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Bericht door volvo240tic » 12 feb 2006, 22:49

Text to the different forums in english so that we outside Belgium knows what the forums is all about.
Look at this forum for example


We have both swedish and English subtexts so our non swedish speaking visitors knows what forum to visit and what they are about.

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Bericht door Rubicon » 12 feb 2009, 16:11

Okay.. but what's the use of visiting a foreign forum if you 're not familiar with the language..?

Oh, okay, I see now.. it indeed might be interesting to create a new part on the forum where foreign people can post their messages in english or other languages. I'm afraid though that only very few members actually is visiting this forum and not very often too, whereas it will be probably not worth the effort.
...unless you're driving a Volvo... and then a Honda..

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